Meet the guys……


Joe O. Dunlap, Jr. is the Minister of Music and Youth Pastor at Bethel Temple Church. With a passion for music and a heart for worship, Joe has been walking in his anointing for more than 20 years. As a songwriter, musician and worship leader, Joe seeks the heart of God to release into the atmosphere. Working for the Department of Youth Services for 29 years, Joe has imparted into the lives, of youth who have been incarcerated in the state of Ohio juvenile system. Operating from his purpose, Joe is glorifying God through his life, surrendering all the gifting, talents and purposes that he has destined with back to God. Joe has been married to his lovely wife Christina since 1991 and is the father of three children whom he is very proud of, Josiah, Justina and Jordan.

Derrrick Lamar Wansley is committed to a lifestyle of worship, God and his family. Derrick is the father of two incredible daughters, Daria EJ and Zaria NJ and has been married to his beautiful wife Francis since 1995. Working in the juvenile system for more than 21 years, Derrick understands the need for hope in the midst of darkness and the importance of releasing worship into the atmosphere. Walking in the footsteps of a worshipper, Derrick patterns his life after Psalm 84:11, “The life of a worshiper declares that you can go boldly before the throne of grace and make your petitions known to your father; knowing that no good thing will He withhold from you!”  With a thankful heart, all glory goes to God.


Darryl McNeary  a singer, songwriter is a member of New Birth Christian Ministries in Columbus, Ohio. A native of Muncie, Indiana, he received Christ at the age of 11 and began singing at age 12 after his cousins urged him to sing for the Lord. Since then, God has blessed him to sing at home and abroad and afforded him the privilege of appearing with some of the greatest gospel music singers in the world. An avid student of the word of God, he and his wife Jackie have 6 children. Darryl proclaims “God keeps reinventing me and I will continue to make myself available for his use”!



Wesley O. Dunlap, Sr. is a talented musician and evangelist who has been ministering for than 20 years. Coming from a solid foundation, Wesley came up under the Pastoral leadership of his late grandfather, Bishop Sandy Dunlap for the greater portion of his life.  While serving under Bishop Dunlap, Wesley was being developed in music ministry, church leadership and preaching and teaching ministry.

Wesley is an original member of the group who has a passion for seeing individuals birthed into the Kingdom of God. As a seasoned songwriter and visionary for the group, Wesley has seen many of the promises of God come to fruition.

Currently Wesley continues to submit to and serve under the leadership of Bishop Tillman and continues to try to reach all those that The Lord will allow, through the evangelistic ministry of the Impact Development Group.

Wesley is has been married to Lady Keybra for 16 years and share 5 wonderful and growing children.


Michael Carter, Sr., is an anointed teacher whose heart desire is the please God. With a gift for teaching and sharing the gospel message through song, Michael continues to allow God to maximize the gifts given to him. In addition to teaching and melodies of music, Michael also operates in the ministry of Drama. Allowing God to minster through him in creative and unique ways, Michael shares his testimony, sowing into the lives of people, all while advancing the Kingdom of God.